Live each moment in a state of AWE and WONDER

How might your life be different . . . if your pace was in tune to the rhythm of your Body, and the truth of your Heart, embracing the Earth and Nature as your Sacred mirror?

Welcome to all who gather here! I'm Judith, and I'm so glad you're here. I believe that within us lies an ancient language waiting to be unveiled . . . and when we trust in the rhythm of our body, we set ourselves free to re-member our own unique song! I help others like you who want to make lasting impactful changes - teaching you ways to pause, to feel, and to allow your body to guide you back to your authentic and true Self. Our bodies are like temples of creation . . . our breath opens the doors . . . our sensations vibrate our words through a silent language - all playing a part to help us unlock the truth of our Heart.

When we meet our Self from a place of tender, yet bold, curiosity, each facet has a nourishing space to seed and grow - creating our own unique expression of beauty through all that we experience.  This is a magical adventure that I will take with you, helping you to re-member your wisdom, your courage, your Sovereignty.

One of my greatest joys in service to others is to help us enrich our journey by re-aligning with our creative intuitive navigation guides (breath * awe * wonder) through the sacred vehicle of the body - learning to listen, to honor, to trust.

It is in the sweet dance with Grace where our Heart breaks us open ... re-awakening our Truth, each weaving our golden thread of song into the tapestry of Life, creating a most exquisite Harmony. It is where each moment is felt with awe, wonder and deLight.

Temples to Our Sacred Heart

I have created this space with the intention to invoke an inner sense of sanctity, where all experiences are honored, and where our hearts may feel guided, held and danced with ease and grace. As you journey through the pages, I invite you to wrap yourself with a sweet felt sense of awe and wonder, while weaving threads of patience and understanding into your own sacred tapestry of authenticity. As I gently surrender to my body's guidance, I gather more treasures, embracing the magic of deep listening, and learning to trust in my rhythms and cycles. These treasures have become important allies in my life and in the creation of the three temples within my website forever teaching me to humbly embrace the many multifaceted jewels inherent in this human experience.  

Below are doors to the temples which can be opened by clicking on the images. As you open each door, allow the magical seed contained within them to spark your being into a loving and creative dance of self-expression assisting you in embodying The Sacred as you continue to explore your own rhythms and cycles. I hope that when you are ready to leave this space and move on with your day, that one small facet of your Self feels more loved, embraced and cherished. And if you resonate with my journey, I would be honored to become your guide in mining the ancient wisdom that lies inherent within you.

Create a Loving Inner Sanctuary

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